Alternating Crimes has been a voice for original thinkers from North Carolina and nationally since the mid 1980’s where it began as a literary arts magazine that featured comics. Since those Reagan era horror infested days, it’s been a comic book that drove Hell Car and now it’s moved online exposing new alternating currents.

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The Paul Friedrich Comic-Con 50¢ HellCar Digital Comic Sale

I know what you’re thinking. It’s Comic-Con. Paul’s there pressing palms and occasionally basking in San Diego’s hot sun. How do I get some of those Paul Friedrich Comics while I relax away the hours this weekend in our hot sun? And with far less hassle, here’s the cheapest they get without being free.



Purchase more Paul, just not from here.





To get your digital edition of Alternating Crimes 2: HellCar Comix at comiXology by going to:



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Creator Spotlight: PAUL FRIEDRICH

Paul Friedrich