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Announcing the Release of HellCar 3 on Comixology

Our last issue of HellCar Comix was is the end. Sure there was an ending. Only it was for myself and Alternating Crimes Publishing during that time period, and it was a self-imposed one. HellCar Comix was really just beginning its ascension to a 30 issue run being distributed by the Music Monitor Network (MMN). Issue 3 is also Paul Friedrich’s debut as solo editor and designer. So one could turn the idea of endings on its head and really say there were a lot of beginnings with this issue.

It was a hard decision letting go of HellCar Comix, since I had heralded its beginnings, nudged contributors for deadlines, designed it, handled the printing, marketing and basically all of the business end of things. It was my baby. But I could quickly see that Paul could handle things with ease once the MMN took hold of most of the business end. And truth be told, my business as a designer, illustrator, brand marketer had really taken off and evolved in front of my eyes. Obviously it was forcing me to a crossroads where I would need to choose between the 2 businesses sooner than later.

Though I stewed over it for months, inevitably the gnawing of having grown up without a silver spoon took the day, and the big money maker creative won out over the fun creative pursuit. I guess who could blame me. Adding to the dilemma, I was also getting ready to get married and purchase a home with my bride, so change was already in the air.

What’s Inside

But enough about me, I did fine, what was exciting to see was the beginning of Paul adding new contributors to the mix:

The 2 new contributions that set a decidedly underground tone were Kevin Dixon’s funny, gritty and gory “Witch Killers” and Jim Matison’s manic and fun “Monkeys + Banana Booze!.” The main features were Paul Friedrich’s Onion Head Monster giving the one-two-punch on tooth decay featuring Captain Flouride, and my final installment of Hubie the Dead Cow (the Novel) with the eye-wretching “I Blinked.” The issue rounds up with 2 wonderfully personal stories “Lil Danny & Lil Lejuene in “The Wedding Solution” about trying to get married with no money and E. Whites “Ramona and his Tepid Exploits”.

Great variety and great fun with these stand-alone stories round up our last issue from that era of HellCar Comix. As it has been said to me a number of times recently that HellCar Comix has an out-of-time feel to them, making them as accessible today as the period when they were created. I’m too close to it to tell, so I will choose to believe them.

Future Projects for Alternating Crimes Publishing

Along with upcoming special projects, watch out as we will likely do a collected edition of AC’s HellCar Comix in the near future and perhaps with some interest we’ll begin a new digital series (not HellCar related) as we move into the future. Bye for now.

Dig in. And as an exciting additional feature promoting the issue you can now read Paul’s entire Onion Head Monster Captain Fluoride story online in full blazing color.

We are excited to be available on Comixology, an Amazon Company, right here http://bit.ly/2wEuRsy