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Concrete Jungle Comix

Concrete Jungle, for me, can be summed up simply: a curious experiment. As a comic book person I find it amazing when those who are not typically comic book creative, choose to impart you with their greatest cartoon fantasy. Concrete Jungle was my interpretation of Michael Bustin’s version of such a fantasy.

Borne from one of Michael’s long-winded and often inspiring diatribe, which led him to describing a boy that is obsessed with concrete and its many uses. The idea seemed ridiculous even coming from someone that was the owner of a concrete artisan company, but at the time, I was looking for something really unusual to pour my creative energy into, and this concept seemed as outrageous and untried as any I had heard.

Fueled with the notion that this energetic salesman type would market the strip, I developed it from his brief descriptive paragraphs of potential storylines. Together we collaborated various names and core character concepts. Everything else, for better or for worse, was my own. Mine were the huge chins, the single panel sequential art experiment, the sometimes awkward gags meant to carry as much story and explanation as humor. Even the underlying social commentary that was sometimes weaved into the various plots were mine.

In the end, the strip did manage to run for a year on the Concrete Network’s website before being unceremoniously dropped. A bitter end? Who knows. Perhaps the characters and concepts will find a new home one day. So, enjoy this sometimes sweet, wry and sometimes silly strip. You’re not likely to find another one quite like it.

Newly updated featuring strips 1 thru 15 of the series. Updates will be announced until the whole series is online.