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HellCar 2

BIGGER, CHEAPER, BETTER! On the cover and inside, Daniel Gallant interprets Hubie the Dead Cow. Paul Friedrich does a complete 17 page feature “Onion Head Monster Has Escaped” and Gallant concludes with Danny & Chrissy burning up the inside. Also includes Aleksandar Zograf, Smell of Steve, Inc. and Dale Flattum.

Strap in and enjoy for the first time, the complete “Onion Head Monster Has Escaped” in full color and right here on this page.

There was some major drama surrounding the release of this issue. Read all about it in: HellCar Number One Becomes HellCar Two?!

On top of being available right here, we are excited to be available on Comixology, an Amazon Company, right here http://bit.ly/2WxvjUH

Daniel Gallant

I am going to call this “my feature issue” and the peak of my time as editor. Though (original) issue 1 of HellCar really set the pace for me to produce 2 stories per issue, which was quite a bit of output for me since I was also running a design studio full time. This issue also sports a nifty 2-color cover by me featuring characters from Paul Friedrich’s Onion Head Monster.

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