Alternating Crimes has been a voice for original thinkers from North Carolina and nationally since the mid 1980’s where it began as a literary arts magazine that featured comics. Since those Reagan era horror infested days, it’s been a comic book that drove Hell Car and now it’s moved online exposing new alternating currents.


Scream Magazine

Scream Magazine and the Rollywood Funny Papers

Does North Carolina have an underground literary & arts scene? Scream Magazine proves it did.

Back in the dark days of the Reagan era, punctuated locally by then Senator Jesse Helms, Russell Judd Boone as editor and wife Katie Boone as business manager, gathered an unusual pool of collaborators to produce a literary arts magazine in Raleigh that featured an unprecedented mix of short stories, art, comics, poetry and investigative articles.

Beginning in August 1985 and running through 1989, Scream Magazine became the regional source for unique talent that belonged on a national stage.

In fact, as the magazine’s fame grew it gained famous contributors like poet Charles Bukowski and artist/musician Rob (Zombie) Straker. Who appeared along side local favorites like Hemingway scholar Mike Reynolds, political cartoonist Dennis Draughon and Blue Flame Tattoo owner Errol Engelbrecht.

But some of the best work came from the less heralded creators.

Artists and cartoonists like David Early Larson, Lillian Jones, Matt Feazell, Gerry Dawson, Rick Koobs, and current Alternating Crimes proprietor Daniel Gallant.

And writers like Tim Kearney, Jim Shell, David Weaver, David Wilson, Carol Collier, Carroll Credle, Mary Pat Kellagher, William Odom, Claudio Niedworok, M Kettner, and master editor himself Russell Judd Boone.

And there is a host of other great contributors not yet mentioned here.

For now this page serves to feature a glimpse into the content that appeared in Scream Magazine. We are hoping to expand this brief description soon and perhaps even feature full issues to view if there is enough interest. So look out for announcements.

If you are a previous contributor to Scream Magazine please contact us so that we can get your permission to reprint your material online.




Gerry Dawson


Errol Engelbrecht


Matt Feazell


Daniel Gallant


Lillian Jones


John Dancy Jones


Richard Kilby


Scream Cover and Back Cover Gallery

Excerpts from Various Issues

Mr. Creative

By David Larson

While I really enjoyed many of the comics contributors to Scream Magazine, David Larson was always my personal favorite. His loose expressive lines gave way to areas of harsh blacks and meticulous details. Presenting for the first time anywhere is his entire run of Mr. Creative strips in the order that they appeared from issue 1 thru 4.

Smokers II

Written and illustrated by Daniel Gallant, co-plotting by Jeff Smith, lettering by Rick Koobs

This is the complete story that was featured in issue 7. It is also the final chapter in my own 4-part Jerry Cornelius experiment, and follows a disorganized stream of consciousness structure found in most Cornelius stories, whether Michael Moorcock authored or not. It also marks the last story I would do in this style of chaotic and overly busy illustrations. While easily the cleanest art of the series, I would almost immediately shift to simpler, thicker and more varying lines and shapes.


This is only a small sampling of the wealth of material that can be found in these issues. Would you like to see complete issues of Scream Magazine featured here? Interested in writing a more complete history or critical article on Scream and it’s contributors?