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Concrete Jungle Comix Serialized

It’s probably no stretch to imagine that a humorous comic strip about a boy obsessed with concrete was something that has ever occurred to you or at the very least expected to see in your lifetime. And yet, presenting…

The concept was sprung on me by Michael Bustin, an artisan concrete company owner and head of marketing, at a time when I was looking to do something that was completely different from anything I had done up to that point. We partnered with the division of labor as total creative control going to me while he worked to market the strip to his industry. We’d also collaborate on story lines that were directly related to concrete.

It was met with mixed success, and after running for a lengthy period-of-time on the ConcreteNetwork.com it was cancelled without fanfare.

But I’ve always felt like it was a secret diamond in the rough, despite being a little too concrete-centric in spots, it was always meant to be a family strip about how everyday people deal with an obsessed teen. And the humor that (sometimes) ensued.

For better or worse, here are the first 5 strips. I will be re-releasing the entire series in chunks until it’s completion. So look out for updates and enjoy.