Alternating Crimes has been a voice for original thinkers from North Carolina and nationally since the mid 1980’s where it began as a literary arts magazine that featured comics. Since those Reagan era horror infested days, it’s been a comic book that drove Hell Car and now it’s moved online exposing new alternating currents.

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Alternating Crimes 1

Features the bizarre computer generated art of Greg Carter, Daniel Gallant adapts Hemingway and Thomas DeVries’ Kitty FuFu mulls over his nine unlucky lives. This issue is a macabre of “New World Culture” in a 32-page conglomeration of art and literature in a gourmet mixed media dish that satisfies the masses.

Greg Carter

The first time I saw Greg’s work was in the very early 1990’s. He had just moved into the area after grad school and brought his portfolio to solicit work at the design production studio I was working for at the time. When my boss, Miles Wright, showed me the samples, I was floored. I literally put my head down on my desk in a contemplative depression over how I really needed to up my game.

Fast forward 25 years later and I am still blown away at his evolution as an artist. Visit his site at: http://gregart.net/