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Cowboy Ant

Cowboy Ant

The morning sun shines down on Cowboy Ant returning from an unusually torturous aphid drive. He is zooming along in his Moxie 0-23 full boogie tilt as he cruises into the outskirts of Tangleweed, a large seething metropolis inhabited by millions of insects, and yes, not unlike people in their manners and morals…

So Began the Anguished Adventures of Cowboy Ant.

Cowboy Ant is a whirlwind of action. Even kind of fun. And it’s also a little angry. OK it’s a bit more than that. But, it’s for a good reason.

Let’s not jump too far ahead just yet. Cowboy Ant is not exactly a “bug with no name.” Though without notice this “every ant” becomes embroiled in a local crisis where it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot more going on than it appears. Enter the evil chemical company Monseedo Labs. They’ve been busy undermining local farmers and suing them for illegally using their genetically modified seeds. Sound familiar? Ripped from the headlines of modern times, Cowboy Ant is the hero that just won’t let things go. And along the way he makes a powerful and dangerous enemy.

So pull the saddle off your aphid and belly up to some bug juice, it’s time to hear a tale fit for any camp fire on the open trail.

Originally found in the pages Boone’s Native Seed Company, an artistic adventure unto itself, we’ve also created a feature section in the comic of the great art by cover artist David Larson and myself, Daniel Gallant.

Want to Know More?

An In Depth Article About the Life and Times of Its Creation

The Art of Boone’s Native Seed Company

We’re also really excited to include a feature article in the Cowboy Ant Collection about all the wonderful art found in Cowboy Ant’s original publication BOONE’S NATIVE SEED COMPANY CATALOG. The digital edition includes more art, but we supplied quite a bit of art in the online version. You can read it complete and online below.

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The Anguished Adventures of Cowboy Ant is a 3-part story created and written by Russel Judd Boone with art by co-creator Daniel Gallant. Also found in this special digital edition is the Art of Boone’s Native Seed Company. It’s accompanying article talks about the creation of this original and artistic seed catalog and features great art from David Larson of Scream Magazine fame.