Alternating Crimes has been a voice for original thinkers from North Carolina and nationally since the mid 1980’s where it began as a literary arts magazine that featured comics. Since those Reagan era horror infested days, it’s been a comic book that drove Hell Car and now it’s moved online exposing new alternating currents.

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Alternating Crimes 1

(Original Cover Price $2.95)


Features the bizarre computer generated art of Greg Carter, Daniel Gallant adapts Hemingway and Thomas DeVries’ Kitty FuFu mulls over his nine unlucky lives. This issue is a macabre of “New World Culture” in a 32-page conglomeration of art and literature in a gourmet mixed media dish that satisfies the masses.

Alternating Crimes 2 HellCar Comix

(Original Cover Price $3.25) w/Transparent Cover


This sardonic special issue premieres AC spin-off, Hell Car Comix. The issue focuses on design, with Jeff Rooney providing the cover & feature design to Dale Flattum’s artwork, while Jim Jackson takes a pictorial ride in the Hell Car itself. Also includes comics from Daniel Gallant, Paul Friedrich, and Thomas DeVries.

Hell Car Comix 1

(Original Cover Price $2.95)


Style, Humor, Fast Cars and Rock ’n Roll. On the cover and inside, Paul Friedrich’s Onion Head Monster. Daniel Gallant introduces Danny & Chrissy and then teams up to draw Paul Friedrich’s Hubie the Dead Cow. Also includes Dale Flattum, Matt Feazell and Thomas DeVries’ Kitty FuFu. The Action is Satisfaction. Never Settle.

Hell Car Comix 2

(Original Cover Price $1.00)


BIGGER, CHEAPER, BETTER! On the cover and inside, Daniel Gallant interprets Hubie the Dead Cow. Paul Friedrich does a complete 17 page feature “Onion Head Monster Has Escaped” and Gallant concludes with Danny & Chrissy burning up the inside. Also includes Aleksandar Zograf, Smell of Steve, Inc. and Dale Flattum.

Hell Car Comix 3

(Original Cover Price $1.00)


Paul Friedrich takes over as lead editor! Heralding a new era for Hell Car. Featuring a Hubie the Cow adaptation and Danny & Lejuene by Daniel Gallant, and Captain Flouride vs the Onion Head Monster by Paul Friedrich. Also includes contributions by Kevin Hooker Dixon, Jim Matison and E. White.

Scream Magazine Issues 1 thru 7


Beginning in August 1985 and running through 1989, Scream Magazine became the regional source for unique talent that belonged on a national stage. In fact, the magazine featuring now famous folks like Charles Bukowski and Rob Zombie along side local favorites like Mike Reynolds (Hemingway scholar), Dennis Draughon (political cartoonist) and Errol Engelbrecht (owner of Blue Flame Tattoo).

But some of the best work came from the less heralded creators. Artists and cartoonists like David Early Larson, Lillian Jones, Matt Feazell, Gerry Dawson, Rick Koobs, and current Alternating Crimes proprietor Daniel Gallant. And writers like Tim Kearney, Jim Shell, David Weaver, David Wilson, Carol Collier, Carroll Credle, Mary Pat Kellagher, William Odom, Claudio Niedworok, M Kettner, and master editor himself Russell Judd Boone. And there is a host of other great contributors not mentioned here.