Alternating Crimes has been a voice for original thinkers from North Carolina and nationally since the mid 1980’s where it began as a literary arts magazine that featured comics. Since those Reagan era horror infested days, it’s been a comic book that drove Hell Car and now it’s moved online exposing new alternating currents.

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Scream Magazine Directory

Scream Magazine Directory

List of Content by Type and Chronological Order

Issue 1 – 36p BW

Cover by David Early Larson
Back cover by Errol Engelbrecht

Issue 2 – 48p BW

Cover by David Early Larson
Back Cover is uncredited

Issue 3 – 60p BW

Cover by Lillian Jones
Back Cover Political Comic by Rick Koobs

Issue 4 – 94p with color covers

Cover by William Waters III
Rollywood Cover by Rick Koobs

Issue 5 – 92p BW with color covers

Cover by Erroll Engelbrecht
Back Cover by Lillian Jones

Issue 6 – 70p BW with color covers

Cover by Rob (Zombie) Straker
Rollywood Cover by Matt Feazell

Issue 7 – 66p BW with color covers

Cover by David Larson
Rollywood Cover by Daniel Gallant


In Terrorem by T.L. Kearney

Urban Haiku I, II, III by John L. Jones

Excerpts from Notes from a Lover Who Hanged Sonnets by James Gainsborough

Ronald Reagan Imagines Lust by Carol Collier

Poems from the Other Side by Carroll Credle

Ten Women Poets: Carol Collier, Claire Fanger, Holly Hall, Lee Johnson, Mary Pat Kellagher, Dana Kletter, Karen Kletter, Chloe Lowder, Michelle Richards, Janelle Simmons

I Live to Write and Now I am Dying by Charles Bukowski

The Click of Miracle and The Strongest of the Strange by Charles Bukowski

Pizza Man by Mary Pat Kellagher

Fired, Insomnia, The Smog and In the Midst of War by M. Kettner

The Form Carpenter Writes His Son by Al Maginnes

Translation, Rabbit Killer Loose in Autumn, and Death Dream Two: A Friend Stars by Katt Meads


A Green in June by Michael S. Reynolds

Hambone Ha Ha by David Weaver

The Doctor’s Wife by Jim Shell

Buckle Up by J. Grisly

Whatever Happened to Jimmie Dodd? by David Wilson

That Which Does Not Kill by David Kelly

X-Mas by David Weaver

Getting’ Home by Tim Kearney

Thrice in ‘Momento More” by David Weaver

Three Variations on a Theme by Carroll Credle

Drought by Carroll Collier

Under a Primitive Moon by Claudio Niedworok

The Bowling Shoes by David Wilson

Love’s Lovely Kiss by Russell Boone

Lawn Furniture by Jim Shell

Oh Tiffany! by David Weaver

Now We are Six by Dana Kletter

Nothing by William Odom

Saving the World Richard Butner

Polichinelle’s Family by Bobby Sidna Hart

Golden Lori by William Odom

Band Sounds Like a Car Crash by Scott Jarvis

The Pledge by Pearl Kudisch

Articles and Non-Fiction

Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files by Bruce Roberts from Jesse James Press

Gemstone Files Part 2 by Bruce Roberts from Jesse James Press

Biography Excerpt: Young Hemingway Chapter 5 by Michael Reynolds

Censorship for Dirty Minds by Jim Shell

Where Do We Go From Here? by Peter Eichenberger

Banned Books in the USA

Hemingway: The FBI Files edited by Russell Judd Boone (introduction by Michael Reynolds)

Interview: Matt Feazell by William Odom

Bukowski the Great by Carroll Credle

Non-Fiction POW Account: The K Files edited by Russell Boone

Rollywood Funny Papers

The Vacation by Lillian Jones (Issues 1 – 7)

Mr Creative by David Larson (Issues 1 – 4)

Gutter Man by Rick Koobs and Tim Kearney (Issues 1 – 5)

Ramming an’ Jammin by Eric Knisley

Pink Elephant by Errol Engelbrecht

Stupid Boy by Matt Feazell & Randy Carpenter

Metal Head and Mourning by Errol Engelbrecht

Demonsong by John Grigni

The Happiest Family by Errol Engelbrecht

The Blue Ghost (based on a story by Seabury Quinn) by Rick Koobs

The Amazing Cynicalman by Matt Feazell

Epilogue and Prologue by Daniel Gallant

Not Available Comics: Mini comic Insert by Matt Feazell and Randy Carpenter

Pie Plate Man by Terry Collins and Brian Hodges (Issues 6 – 7)

A Considerable Deference by Daniel Gallant

Stupid Boy Goes Camping by Matt Feazell, Bob & Sue Vojtko

The Amazing Cynicalman: Mini comic insert by Matt Feazell

Apex 2: Mini comic insert by Larry Towsley

Smokers II by Daniel Gallant and Jeff Smith

My Trouble with LSD by Ace Backwords

Raw Nerve by Russell Christian


Political and humor strips: Boho Bust and Godzilla’s Lawyer by William Nealy

Political Cartoons: 100% Natural Capital Punishment and Meanwhile, back on Earth… by William Nealy

Political satire: Ronzymandias by Dennis Draughon

Political Quote: Revolt Beijing Spring 1989 Mao by Dennis Draughon

Classic Quote: On Pain & Sensation by Friedrich Nietzsche, Illustrated by David Larson

Classic Quote: The Poet’s Rebellion by Albert Camus, Illustrated by David Larson

Classic Quote: Oblivion by Ambrose Bierce, Illustrated by David Larson

Classic Quote: Charles Baudelaire, Illustrated by David Larson

Classic Illustrated: The Vulture by Franz Kafka, Adapted by Tim Kearney, Illustrated by Rick Koobs

Classic Illustrated: A Predicament by E A Poe, Adapted by Tim Kearney, Illustrated by Rick Koobs

Classic Illustrated: The Bucket Rider by Franz Kafka, Adapted by Tim Kearney, Illustrated by Daniel Gallant

Classic Illustrated: The Temptations by Charles Baudelaire, Adapted by Tim Kearney, Illustrated by Rick Koobs


Issue 1 by Rick Koobs

Issue 2 by David Larson, Errol Engelbrecht, Gerry Dawson

Issue 3 by Gerry Dawson, Errol Engelbrecht, David Larson

Issue 4 by David Larson, Rick Koobs, Gerry Dawson, William Waters III, Errol Engelbrecht, Lillian Jones

Issue 5 by William Waters III, David Larson, Daniel Gallant, Gerry Dawson, David Wilson, Charles Bukowski

Issue 6 by Laura Brody, David Larson, Gerry Dawson, Sara Bell

issue 7 by David Larson, Kevin R. Sartin, Laura Brody, Gerry Dawson, Daniel Gallant